The time it is a-racing

Following on from Saturday’s posting, “We are such aches as dreams emerge from”, a degree of weariness has accompanied me on subsequent days. Monday night saw the return of the restless discomfort syndrome. I sometimes wonder if the sundry aches and pains are part and parcel of the ME/CFS condition or simply a sign of impending old age. Youthful as my outlook remains, in many respects, I cannot avoid sensing “times winged chariot” rumbling ever nearer.


This morning was bright and crisp without being unduly cold, as I strode down to ‘Open Church’ for my mid-morning natter and cuppa. For the time being that remains my sole socializing outlet, whilst simultaneously providing my daily exercise (the walk there and back). On returning home I went out to the garden pond to feed the fish, one or two of which eagerly awaited their food. I’ve now switched to the Autumn / Winter wheatgerm feed but, I’ve noticed that their appetite seems to have decreased; could it be that they don’t much care for the vegetarian option or, are they already anticipating the feedless days once the water temperature drops a few more degrees?


No such problems for Fran and Jimmy, the goldfish in our kitchen based aquarium; they eagerly anticipate and devour whatever morsels may be proffered. The white cloud minnows, in the living room aquarium, don’t follow the same begging routines but, they eagerly push each other out of the way as they scramble for their floating flake food once served.


The highlight of my day is invariably the return of my beloved from work and, that event always reinforces my thankfulness for the day the Lord has made.


A rather more frantic posting for today, "Fings ain’t what they used to be", can be found on ‘Hirsute Antiquity’.



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