Oh What A Beautiful Morning

Strange morning. By 9.45AM, I found myself showered and dressed and, most surprisingly of all, feeling wide awake. Could it be that the new bed provides me with a better quality of rest and sleep? Is this the beginning of recovery? I can’t remember when I last experienced this level of alertness; I’d almost forgotten that such a state could exist. To emerge from the shower and not require a further period of rest is also an extremely rare event.

If this is what it feels like to be human, let me have more! The usual aches and niggles are almost quelled by an unfamiliar sense of well-being.


The rain-washed pavement sparkles, under the low raking sun; I bask in the gentle warmth. Blue skies are all I see, I choose to ignore the louring grey clouds, (simply there for decoration), as I wend my way to ‘Open Church’. Once there, we sit and chat over cups of Fair-Trade coffee, as the morning drifts by.


Much to my surprise, as I stand up, ready for departure, neither back nor knees offer resistance. I prepare for the stroll back home. The return journey follows the same relatively brisk pattern as the initial stroll. I venture up to the garden pond, where the goldfish eagerly anticipate their feed and, I have no intention of disappointing them.


Today, I feel privileged and give thanks.

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One Response to Oh What A Beautiful Morning

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Good morning Malcolm…..
    It is so good to hear that you are feeling so much better. Welcome to better "health."  Your entry has an element of prose-poetry! I loved reading…"the rain washed pavement sparkles…."  It has a lovely rhythm to it. 
    We are experiencing a stormy weekend; lots of rain and wind.  Thank you for visiting and inquiring. I was sort-of thrown aback by some rude visitor to my site.  But other than that, I am well.  Have been doing some reading and taking care of some badly neglected orchids.  My best to Helen.  Bittersweet

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