Familiarity is the Spice of Life

Whilst my beloved went to the Theology School at Trinity this morning, I was lazily catching up on some bed rest. Shortly after Helen’s well post-noon return, from Trinity, we hand-in-handed it, along highways and byways, like a couple of young lovers. Even though this quite brisk stroll re-energized me to some extent, I was quite content to allow my beloved to prepare me a belated breakfast, of the full-English variety. Much appreciated.


The afternoon passed swiftly as I started preparations for Sunday lunch. No matter what the dish I’m preparing, I always enjoy pre-heating a few spices, releasing those wonderful aromas that get my digestive and creative juices flowing. Today’s resultant dish, I’m pleased to report, once more meets my exacting standards; we don’t anticipate being disappointed come tomorrow lunchtime.


Tonight’s accompaniment to our telly gawping has been a rather luscious ‘Lucarelli Chardonnay, 2002’, from the Puglia region, mentioned only because it deserves it; a very worthy successor to last night’s ‘Vega Oliveras Tempranilo, 2004.


If I’m not careful, I’ll get far too used to this rather sedentary lifestyle.

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One Response to Familiarity is the Spice of Life

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    I think I could follow you around in the kitchen all day long!   It sounds and "smells" wonderful.  Even from here.   Bittersweet

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