Counting Blessings

Once again, I find myself rejoicing in being who I am, married to my favourite woman in the world and, even in living where I do. So often the easiest course is to take for granted the blessings that enrich us, to such an extent that we don’t find time for gratitude; it’s always easier to pay attention to what we’re missing!


Sinna Luvva has already recorded how much better I’m feeling today and, this afternoon, I took my longest walk in weeks. One of the beauties of  living where we do is that, in my more active days, a walk to the town centre only took twenty minutes yet, this afternoon’s walk with my beloved, of approximately forty minutes duration, took us down a couple of countryside footpaths, as well as a brisk stroll through the local business park.


To experience the English countryside, within ten minutes of our bit of suburbia, is something very special.

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