A Tale of Shock and Wonder

Looking out, shortly after 10.00AM,  onto our mizzly grey enveloped garden, my eyelids struggle to leave the eyes unveiled. A sense of shock and wonder accompanies the realization that I have been passively active for well over two hours. A slow release from slumber-dom is usually under way at this early hour but, this morning, my beloved chauffeured me down for an appointment with my doctor a couple of hours ago and onwards to the hospital for further blood tests.


My body tells me that it should be resting, whilst the cerebral component assures me that I’d have been contemplating my emergence from the duvet realm by this time anyway, had my routine not been so brutally disrupted.  Whilst once Malcolm, the night-owl, thrived on a minimal amount of sleep and bed-rest, though always a reluctant lark, the habits of the sloth have now imposed themselves upon my being. I quite simply no longer have the stamina, physical or emotional, to burn the midnight oil; simultaneously, come morning, I take far longer to enter the realms of the awake. Seldom, if ever, do I attain the giddy heights of the wide-awake!


The question is, how do I make the most of this morning’s extra hours? My body hoarsely whispers, “a few cat-naps wouldn’t go amiss”, a sentiment with which my spirit concurs.


A further blog posting for today, Those Old Grey and Green Blues, has been posted on ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva’.

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One Response to A Tale of Shock and Wonder

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello dear Malcolm….
    It sounds like you are still well ensconced in slumberland! Sometimes those little nods can be quite enjoyable.  I know, the wood stove is an oxygen gussler and i find myself wanting to nod off as I\’m working on the computer.  I hope your Doctor\’s visit and lab work went well.
    Our days are getting cooler and I think the weatherman said our warm weather may be over for awhile.  Ahh well….the enevitable is about to happen! Frost but at least no snow as yet.  Today I sport a headache. I fear the change in weather.  Yesterday I entertained myself by watching the doe and her two fauns enjoy an afternoon in the fields. They are such a delight to watch although hunting season begins in a few weeks. I shared with Helen that my brother expects to leave for Europe tomorrow.  Munich, Vienna and Prague. He\’s doing the Mozart tour. I\’m sure it will be a spectacular experience.  I\’m enjoying my prose and poetry course.  If I had more energy, I\’d be looking for an old poem I wish to rewrite.  Maybe tomorrow.  Anyway, I hope you are feeling better. Bittersweet

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