Spacious Time

Today, time seemed remarkably spacious. You’d think, with my health imposed periods of idleness, this would be an all too familiar experience but, that thought would be mistaken. The times that I actually spend ‘doing something’ generally seem to be a race against the clock; today the little chores I undertook all seemed to take place free from any time restraint.


My stirring from the duvet lair occurred at the usual leisurely pace, spurred on slightly by the prospect of a cooked breakfast prepared by ma belle. After a quick check of my e-mails, I ventured out into the garden to scrub down the bird table, and replenish the feeders, before cleaning the bird bath. Furthering this concern with our feathered friends’ hygiene, I then got out the ladder to clean out the blue-tit nesting box, this years jumping off ground for two fully fledged broods. I’m always amazed at the depth of moss etc. these tiny birds have prepared and carried to this temporary home.


Having cleared out all the nesting material, it was time to carry out the scalding process. Whilst carrying out this procedure, I suddenly realized that it was also time to ensure that the hedgehog house, cleaned out earlier in the year, had a sufficient insulation layer of leaves and soil covering the roof. Admittedly, that task remains to be carried out another day and, my beloved has just reminded me that it will soon be time for netting the pond.


By early afternoon I was ready to prepare a Madras type curry for tomorrow’s lunch. Perhaps it was this earlier preparation of Sunday lunch, a task usually carried out later in the day, freeing up much of the afternoon and early evening, that gave me the sense of ‘spacious time’.

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