A New Sensation (or an old one revisited!)

After yesterday’s adventures in the world of customer service, today has proved a much lower key affair. Even quiet days, in the sedentary life of Malcolm, proffer their own surprises; the major surprise of my day has been that of feeling wide-awake before 8.00AM. Admittedly a bright and early sunshiny start to the day may have contributed to this state of affairs but, recent history doesn’t seem to bear this out. These days I usually require a minimum bed-rest of 10 – 10 ½ hours and, only a short while ago 13 hours was more the norm. Even then, the sensation of feeling wide-awake was one far removed from my daily experience.


After last weeks additional exertions, my body needed a little time to recuperate but, today has so far proved relatively pain and ache free and, any sense of exhaustion has yet to be made evident. In yesterday’s blog, on ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva’, I commented on the timeliness of today’s anticipated acupuncture session and, perhaps that sense of anticipation served as an initial morale boost. Unfortunately, mid-morning I received a phone call from the hospital to say that the physiotherapist, who administers the acupuncture, was off sick so, my appointment would have to be re-arranged when she returns to work. I do hope it’s not any kind of major setback, as she herself is an ME sufferer.


Apart from a niggling tenderness of the glands in my neck and under my chin, I can picture myself as healthy. Perhaps my careful ‘pacing’, following the guidelines laid down by Julie at the Chronic Fatigue Unit, is really starting to pay dividends. I think it’s that kind of situation where I may not be fit but, at least today, I can imagine what it must be like to be healthy once more and, see that as a possibility. Towards lunchtime, I ventured out to the garden pond to perform the ritual cleaning of the filters, a task which of late has been somewhat neglected. OK, I’m not perfect but, I did at least seize this day’s opportunity to burnish my halo a little.


I rejoice and am glad in this day the Lord has made!   

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