Flower Show Postpones Gardening Activity!

Quite ironically, an attempted late afternoon visit to the Garden Centre, yesterday afternoon, was thwarted by the traffic flow (or lack of it) from the Autumn Flower Show at the Yorkshire Showground. At lunchtime today, we succeeded in reaching the Garden Centre to acquire another 50litre bag of compost, a few heathers and, a 70litre bag of mini bark mulch.


This afternoon found Helen and myself working in the garden, Helen engaged in the seemingly endless task of uprooting some more ground elder whilst I attempted to dig out the root balls from the lemon balm that had strayed into the heart of the rockery. Much as we love the fragrance of lemon balm, it certainly seems to reach the parts other plants won’t even consider and so, has to be taken in hand.


Having struggled with spade and fork to remove the offending root clumps, every pore seemed to leak more fluid than I’d consumed in the past several weeks. Perspiration seems to be a major problem these days, so plenty of fluid consumption became the order of the day. Having cleared an appropriate area, a generous sprinkling of compost was added to the freshly turned soil before the heather planting ceremony began.


After a little refreshment break, I scattered some of the bark mulch over the areas that Helen had weeded; hopefully it will help to suppress a few weeds on this patch as well as its cosmetic function.


My halo shines brightly with a sense of achievement; the last few days have witnessed the most progress on the health front for a couple of years but, after a couple of hours of gardening I required the helping hands of my beloved to assist me in the shower. Still, nothing ventured …

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