A Refreshing Change

After recent little setbacks on the health front*, necessitating putting the idea of a couple of nights away on hold, today proved a much better day (following my belated release from the comforting tentacles of the duvet). I simply have to come to terms with the fact that, no matter what progress has been made over recent months, the path to recovery may be much longer than I care to contemplate.


Anyway, this afternoon ma belle chauffeuse and I ventured over to the local nature reserve, in the hope of seeing some of the crested newts and perhaps, the odd dragonfly. The dragonflies were present in entrancing profusion, primarily hawkers in joyous mid-air copulating mode but, there were also occasional sightings of resting darters and a few damselflies. The sound of whirring wings against the grasses and bulrushes proved captivating, and the flight of the looped mating pairs filled me with startled admiration!


The darters need for a resting post provided me with an easy photo opportunity but, the relentless activity of the hawkers proved a much more daunting prospect to capture photographically.


The distance travelled isn’t what makes a holiday, the presence of my beloved and a nature reserve practically on the doorstep, makes for a most rewarding & refreshing outing.


*see recent postings on ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva’



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One Response to A Refreshing Change

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Good morning Malcolm…..you paint such a fascinating world! How I would love to walk with you and have you point out the beauty of dragon flies etc. Years ago we had a fish pond with about a dozen coy – no, 13 to be exact and I remember enjoying the dragon flies resting on the grasses that sat on the egde. It is a world of its own.  I sent an email and am happy that things are finally resolved. Hopefully you shall have something in your hands witin two weeks.  Then I\’ll permit myself to frame 3 for my bedroom wall.  Today it is raining but our weekend has great promise. Might be our last weekend to go outside with a tee-shirt.  Then it\’s the flannel shirts!  lol.  I hope you and Helen are well.   Bittersweet

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