The Avian Feline Connection

At lunchtime, I suspected a curious cat had been fishing in the garden pond. An unusual pattern of splash marks had appeared on the paving slabs at the water’s edge. Could they be paw marks, even though the edges were smeared?


It was only later in the afternoon that I found out who, or what, the intruder really was! Mid-afternoon, a swoop of juvenile starlings invaded the bird-bath, fluffing and shaking their insulation in apparent ecstasy. And then, I noticed an offshoot from this avian platoon heading for a dish-like shelf that overhangs a corner of the pond. Another suitable bathing situation; they chattered and wallowed gleefully before throwing themselves out onto the paving slabs. The earlier evidence, of a pesky poacher, was most probably a melee of claw prints bathed in the excess moisture as they shook it all about!


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