A Privileged Life


Requiring a minimum of 10 to 10 ½ hours bed-rest per night, for health reasons, the choice of a suitable new bed had become a matter of some priority but, shopping and Malcolm blend together just like oil and water. This afternoon, ma belle chauffeuse took us emporium-wards and, to my surprise, on this occasion, we were able to make an appropriate selection. [More on this quest can be found at Words From An Hirsute Antiquity ]


Apart from that major expeditionary feat, my day has been spent pretty much as usual; looking at the garden to see what work needs doing, prior to forgetting about it,  sitting beside the garden pond for a brief spell and, contentedly observing  the feeding-frenzy of its piscine inhabitants. The amount of pleasure we receive from the occupants of both pond and aquarium greatly outweighs the necessary chores that each habitat imposes on one.


Although my energy reserves are sometimes difficult to discover or tap into, I can usually discover sufficient stamina to lead me up the garden path, into our own microcosmic nature reserve! Oh what a privileged life I lead, nature on the doorstep and an in-house wife, lover, friend and companion all wrapped up in Helen’s form.


A third blog posting for today ‘It Is – therefore I type!’ can be found on The Word of Sinna Luvva

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