The Day That The Rains Came Down

This afternoon, my beloved and I ventured out for a brisk walk in the rain, my first such episode since Tuesday. On the return leg of this exercise, we were greeted by the day’s first outbreak of blue sky, a rather brief punctuation mark in the otherwise grey sky. Having had two lots of exercise on Tuesday, I felt rather incapable of raising the stamina to take a walk on the following two days.


This morning started with a bang, not a whimper, as a thunderstorm encroached upon us. The overnight downpour ensured that there was no need for me to top up the pond, an exercise seriously contemplated at points during the preceding days. Earlier in the week, my beloved had suggested that we may drive out into The Dales this evening, finding somewhere to stay overnight, an event anticipated with a degree of trepidation by yours truly. I had (almost) resigned myself to taking this step forward, before the weather outlook remonstrated against such a proposition. I do love the Yorkshire Dales and, used to really enjoy nights away and, my ability even to consider taking such a step, after a long absence, symbolizes a great step forward in terms of my physical/emotional stamina.


A further poem, entitled Raindrops Keep Falling Overhead, emerged this morning and has been posted on Mal’s Factory.


Sinna Luvva has contributed a prose-poetic reflection on the day .

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