Some Days

I’ve just posted this little remark on ‘Words from an Hirsute Antiquity'[my blog on MySpace] and just wanted to share it again:


Today one pristine cloud is prominent and, it’s the purest white; the rest supply a half hearted skim like ripples of joy emanating from this resource. Today I smile, and the world smiles back. Some mornings, I feel as if I could cast all cares aside, just simply breathe, and count my blessings!

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3 Responses to Some Days

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Good morning Malcolm,
    It is a beautiful day!  The package arrived safely this morning.  I am delighted. What surprises me is how vibrant the colors are; particularly the nasturtians and narcissus! I very much like them all.  In fact, it has motivated me to get the room painited and get the watercolors framed.
         Their is something fascinating about "autumn trees."  It is less defined than the others and yet something draws you in. It\’s like being a bird and viewing the trees and fields from a distance – the blend of rich colors into a vibrant wash. I am happy with them and do thank you.  I will take care of business here and things should be in the mail by Monday.
         By the way, one of my mother\’s favorite flowers was the nasturium. She\’d plant them around the base of the apple trees.  I always enjoyed their red, orange and yellow flowers.
         Again, my many thanks and a lovely entry above. I take it the weather has cooled and you are feeling well.  It has here as well.    Bittersweet on the hill.

  2. Malcolm says:

    Glad you like the paintings – it makes it all worthwhile! Yes indeed, the weather has cooled down here but, it\’s taking quite a while to overcome the ill effects of the hot/humid spell. Do keep in touch.
    Incidentally, there\’s always a chance I\’ll have posted something on Sinna Luvva when there\’s not a new posting on here. I\’ve also posted a brand new poem on Mal\’s Factory.

  3. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Malcolm….you amaze me!  Just read "Unveiling."  Very poignant and moving. Anyone experiencing some frailty/disability or the process of aging understands the meaning in your words.  Nicely done.  Bittersweet

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