Digressing to the ethics of food

In this discomfortingly de-energized day, I’ve actually slaved over a hot stove on two separate occasions; the first kitchen episode (including a report on my out-of-kilterdness) can be found here. The second scorcher of a session has just concluded, with what I hope will be a couple of tremendously successful Eurasian chicken casseroles of my own devising. In spite of a rather discomforting tiredness, I revelled in the sheer creativity of the process.


I proffer here my apologies to any vegetarian readers, not wishing to hurt anyone’s sensibilities but, I’ve got to admit, that an experimental (but economically necessitated) period of trying a whole grain and pulse diet in my post-grad days had some deleterious physiological side effects, from which I never seem to have totally recovered! Some of my friends, in the Ashram Community at the time, were quite happy to eat certain meats, the primary no-no being beef. This was an ethical issue unrelated to animal rights but, rather to the fact that it took 12lbs of grain to produce 1lb of beef. I still have qualms about beef, much as I love the flavour and texture, in a world where the grain could be better utilized!


After that slight digression, I’m happy to report that a glass or two of unoaked Chardonnay, ‘La Belle Terrasse’ [VdPd’Oc, 2004], is proving a great aid to my recovery.  

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One Response to Digressing to the ethics of food

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Good morning,
         A charming piece.  It is amazing how a portrait emerges from just some incidental tidbits that come sharing some of life\’s events. Dinner always sounds so inviting!  Thank you for visiting and saying hello.  It is interesting how events from the past pop into mind. Thank you for sending the watercolors.  I am sure I will be quite happy with them.  Watercolors are my favorite medium. 10 or 12 years ago I dabbled with watercolors and maybe in time I\’ll return to enjoy them again. There is something challenging about the spred and uncontrollability of watercolors.  My instructor at the time called them "happy accidents."
         I\’m looking forward to the pictures and again….I thank you for your graciousness.  Have a good Sunday.   Bittersweet

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