Today the clouds have a sodden lining

The garden is currently wallowing in a brief (?) spell of torrential rain and, after the recent heat wave, I must admit to enjoying the spectacle. A gentle drizzle, as I ventured out to feed the fish, swiftly turned into a downpour, the rain drops, bouncing back from the lily pads, beat out their own frenetic rhythm and I felt refreshed. If the current downpour is at all sustained, I’ll have to exchange my pond topping-up procedure for that of baling out. I’m sure that I enjoy the vagaries of our climate far more, as a rather passive observer, than I would if I was involved in arable farming.


For the moment, I’m revelling in my observation of the activity of the cloud minnows in our aquarium, distracted only by the sonorous patter of rainfall on the windowpane. As I write, I catch a glimpse of a patch of blue sky breaking cover from the heavy grey clouds.


I rejoice in this day the Lord has made.

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