Simple Pleasures

The Buddleia, now in gloriously full bloom, has been swamped with visitors for the past couple of days. At present the predominant ones are of the Peacock variety of butterfly and, yesterday, I found myself talking to them as I took a few photos. It’s amazing how they seemed to respond to my instructions to turn around, so I could get a better profile shot etc. They really seemed to be such obliging creatures.


This morning, the bird bath is in great demand, as various ornithological species seem to be lining up ready for their turn to drink and bathe. It’s amazing how such simple sights can at times become quite breathtaking; the birds cavorting around, and fluffing their feathers, is like an illustration of pure pleasure. Methinks the bath may need topping up quite a few times today, with all this frenetic splashing going on.


I rejoice in this day the Lord has made.

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One Response to Simple Pleasures

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Good morning Malcolm and Helen,
         When I visited your site, I was greeted by "white on purple."  What a lovely photo. And I am partial to both white and purple.  Reading your entry made me think of the delight I take from our feathered friends. We feed them all summer and even keep the suet cages filled. They are a joy to watch and yes, the bird bath seems to need topping almost daily. What is funny is that sunflowers have grown from the seeds that were spilled on the ground.  I don\’t dare pull them since the birds will enjoy those in a few weeks.
         We are getting rain and while it has cooled things down, the humity is oppressive.  I think they said the humidity should hit about 73 %  Oppressive. The dog days of summer as they say.
         Well, I\’m reading "1776," and quite a lesson in history.  David McCullough is quite the historian and has done some outstanding work over the years.  Be well and will talk soon.   Bittersweet on the hill.

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