When Size Really Matters

I seem to have neglected making a progress report on Sparky (our laser bright White Cloud Mountain Minnow) so, now’s the time to make amends. His tiny eyes shine like ice blue sapphires and, the neon lateral stripe glistens from white gold to glowing turquoise, dependent on his position in relation to the aquarium light. Lengthwise, Sparky now almost measures in centimetres what the mature female in the tank measures in inches, a full one and a half units!


The contrast is quite startling, when I go up to the pond where even the junior goldfish seem to consume at least a couple of food sticks, each mouthful apparently exceeding Sparky in volume. I know that the larger goldfish enjoy tadpoles as a quick snack so, I’m really glad that goldfish and Sparky don’t share the same accommodation.


Come the cooler part of the evening, I decided to give myself a little exercise, digging the contents  from the base of our compost bin to fill a couple of wheelbarrows and, duly scattered the gooey richness across some areas of de-natured soil. My halo now shines a little brighter, with the assurance that my exertion, in the garden, more than compensated for my failure to get out for a walk.


I rejoice in this day the Lord has made.

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