Rain, Rain come our way but, please try to take the heat away!

After the storm in the wee small hours, a less cloying atmosphere failed to materialize. By this afternoon, a throbbing headache and excruciating aches in every conceivable joint of my frame drove me upstairs to rest on the bed. It wasn’t long before we became the focus of another thunderstorm and, I hoped (almost against hope) that this time the air would clear. I seamlessly drifted between sleep and waking, and back again, for the next hour or so but, all the time I knew that there were chores to be done.


The chores to be done centred on the preparation of tomorrow’s lunch but, the prospect of slaving over a hot stove was not one to slaver over. With all the spices and herbs used in my concoctions, I never need to resort to salt to bring out the flavour and, I feared the addition of salt would occur quite accidentally courtesy of my hyper-active sweat glands.


I did eventually succumb to temptation and, found myself involved in a little culinary creativity, melting over a hot griddle pan. Despite my initial reluctance, I enjoyed the experience in the sure and certain knowledge of an ensuing crash.

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