By we get to mid-evening, the temperature is almost bearable in the garden whereas, in the house it still feels a little like a sauna. The worst thing is, we’re promised more of the same; so I’m going to be miserably muttering, as well as murmuring, for the next few days. Everything is at standstill for yours truly, apart from resumption of glandular aches, earache and tummy problems that the hot weather seems to have blessed me with.


One part of me feels like a miserable wretch, finding no reason to appreciate the sunshine but, at least my beloved is here to share my discomfort … a trouble shared as they say. I just find at present that it’s too warm to sleep and, definitely, too hot to feel awake. A nice chilled glass of fermented grape juice will surely prove a perfect complement to the chilled H2O that I find myself resorting to (when it can’t be avoided); must go and see what I can find!  

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