We Shall Come Rejoicing

Yesterday the heat really got to me and, my failure to grasp at a major milestone in my recovery programme proved a bit of a downer (for details see One Step Back in pursuit of Progress on ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva’) but, today is a new day in which, despite the heat, I have been determined to rejoice.


My beloved had already ventured off to chapel before I’d properly emerged into the new day and, my first duty on emergence was to stroll up to the pond to feed the fish. As soon as I reached the ponds edge a flurry of ruddy gold was much in evidence, as the goldfish associated my presence with the imminent arrival of food sticks. I’m sure that, within the mythology of their cargo cult, I am some kind of god-man bearing down upon them. Some of us just have greatness thrust upon us! On the other hand, it could simply be that they’ve fallen for my hirsute good looks, my bald pate being necessarily covered by a sun hat!


The garden was a real hive of activity as the bees flitted between plants, capturing the pollen, occasionally popping down onto the water lily pads to quench their thirst. Several species of butterflies fluttered around me, as well as the grasses and plants, as I sat in the shade of the garden parasol; so far this year we’ve had at least seven species of butterflies, and an endless array of moths, taking advantage of our facilities and the buddleia’s not yet in bloom.


Cathy, my younger step-daughter, joined us for lunch and, as always, was most appreciative. The main course was one of my specially devised spicy beef, pepper and mushroom toppings for the spaghetti; I’m never quite sure whether the richness of a given dish is a virtue but, there is rarely a sign of poverty in my preparations. I’m just so proud of my family and, it’s always a delight to see them and revel in their enthusiasms.


In this day the Lord has made, I rejoice and am glad.

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