Weather Watch


I’m really enjoying the cooler days and, even the grey skies but, most of all I’m enjoying the hint of a breeze. It’s wonderful to venture out into the garden and be able to breathe; even on the trip to the garden centre this afternoon, it made a change not to need the air-conditioning on in the car.


At present, the controller in the sky seems to be thwarting the clouds attempts to deposit some rain on us. This afternoon when I ventured out to prepare/create a small stone-basin rockery, two or three minute drops of rain deposited themselves on my bald pate but, a few hours on, the showers have not yet manifest themselves, only a few false starts of which any rainmaker would feel embarrassed.


I really felt that I’d made a genuine attempt to bring on the cloudburst when, once again I topped up the pond! It’s really not many weeks ago that whenever our neighbours hung out the washing a downpour was guaranteed. I suppose there are very few certainties in life!           

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One Response to Weather Watch

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Malcolm,
         I\’ve decided you are a man for all seasons!  Art, poetry, theology etc. I was looking at your art work and it is murmuring night that I\’ve fallen in love with.  I like the cobalt blue in your work. I have added you to my list of bloggers. I suspect that you are well into the night at this moment.  I\’m going to read some of your poetry since it is an interest of mine. I do hope you get the rain. I love hearing the rain at night and always make a special effort at keeping the window open so I can enjoy the soothing fall of rain.  Thank you for visiting my site.  Bittersweet

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