MONEY Matters


Early this afternoon, I had a welcome visit from Helen, my physiotherapist / acupuncturist. As I’d recently been noticing a marked return of some symptoms, which I thought I’d cast off a few months ago, the visit was even more welcome than usual. It had been a month since my last session.


As there was a student with her, I was given the opportunity to go through the history and nature of my symptoms with him which was simultaneously tiring and rewarding; any sustained period of conversation proves a little tiring but, it was rewarding to be able to give a first hand account of how CFS affects one.


Geraint, the student has three more weeks to go before he becomes a qualified physiotherapist but, the dispiriting news is that only one student out of sixty on the course he’s doing has, so far, been able to find a job. I suspect it all comes down to that combination of politics and finance; although there’s such a desperate need for physios, the financial resources are not available. Perhaps the pharmaceutical companies, who hold such sway over medical policies, can’t see much profit coming from that direction! I suspect the fact that physiotherapists are capable of alleviating much suffering, without resorting to copious quantities of drugs, militates against them whilst these big corporations hold such sway over the health service.

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