Give Me The Simple Life

  After recent weeks featuring unseasonably cold weather and, at other times, persistent rainfall, I feel obliged to be grateful for recent warm sunshiny days. I even find myself wishing that I was better equipped to deal with the heat but, it really doesn’t suit me. This morning, I decided to brave the elements and, took a leisurely walk down to ‘Open Church’; it was an exercise in killing two birds with one stone, my daily walk and a little exercise in socializing.


This afternoon I started preparations for my special marinated griddled salmon pasta, in anticipation of a visit by Janet, Helen’s sister, who was joining us for our evening meal. The meal was beautifully complemented by a bottle of Paolo Masi Sangiovese, Tuscany IGT, 2004. After dinner, we ventured out to sit in the garden and appreciate the somewhat cooler evening air. A simple pleasure!


I rejoice, and am glad, in this day the Lord has made.



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