A Day Well Spent

Until the intrusion of the telephonic vampires, yesterday hadn’t been too bad a day; lazy but enjoyable and, I even managed to apply a treatment for the mild blanket-weed problem and refreshed the Sludge-Buster so it could get down to it’s consumption of dead algae. Energetic, I certainly wasn’t but, that wasn’t totally surprising after my moderately active day on Wednesday


Today has been a better day all round and, I emerged from duvet-dom well within my new 11 hour limit but, beyond my previous 10 hour one. The latter part of the morning was spent idly beside the garden pond and, it was good to see the occasional flash of ruddy-gold as the piscine inhabitants stirred from their rest under the lily pads.


Mid-afternoon, I took a twenty-five minute walk, at moderate rather than the previously imposed slow one. The advice and assistance I have received from Julie at the Chronic Fatigue Unit is both practical and helpful, giving me positive guidelines to assist me with my efforts at ‘pacing’.


Having moaned, in my Sinna Luvva guise, about Verbal Trespassers (aka Telephonic Vampires), late this afternoon I received a telephonic communication from a software company which I welcomed (!), even though it interrupted my work on resiting our Hedgehog des res.  As I already run several programmes created by Serif, I was quite happy to negotiate a better deal than the ‘special’ one that was being offered; I will now be receiving the complete programme for less than one-third of the list price rather than the half-price which was offered. I genuinely think that many of the Serif programmes are excellent value at their full list price but, I am even happier to obtain them cheaper. Amazingly, I can still extol their virtues in spite of my acute antipathy to telephone sales!


The evening is drawing to a beautiful conclusion, as my beloved and I quaff, n leisurely manner, a bottle of ‘Les Trois Cailloux’ (Vieilles Vignes) Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc 2003, VdP Dordogne which I would be quite happy to serve in place of many a Bordeaux.

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