There Is No Alternative?

On this
morning’s News Bulletin, I listened with some concern about the letter being
circulated around NHS Trusts attacking the use of complementary therapies. I
understand that the doctors who sent the letter have particularly singled out
‘homeopathic” medicine but, the bulletin seemed determined to bracket all
alternative approaches together. They reject complementary treatments in favour
of those “based on solid evidence”. I wonder if they acknowledge the placebo
effect of many overpriced ‘conventional’ pharmaceuticals and, the apparent
trial and error that goes on in prescribing ‘fashionably acceptable’ drugs. Unfortunately, there’s no one drug fits all,
even if all patients have the same ailment and, does the base of “solid
evidence” have any means of discovering / recording how many patients have not
benefited from the prescribed medication.

the homeopathic route is not one I’ve thought of taking but, I have received
great help from chiropractic
treatment when other treatments had failed. The greatest assistance I have had
for my present ‘chronic’ condition has been from acupuncture treatment and,
the benefits (in spite of my initial scepticism) in terms of both pain-relief
and a general re-energizing have been enormous.

I do wonder
how much these eminent medics are simply spokesmen for the pharmaceutical lobby,
which could prove just as harmful as the Psychiatric / DWP lobby who have so
deliberately misled and even harmed people suffering from neuro-immunological
conditions such as ME/CFS.

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