Ringing In The Ears

Oh the telephone, what a cunning and calculating device it really is. Whilst one is guaranteed that it will never ring when one is at a bored loose end or, quite affably enjoying the rudest of health but, always manages to be disruptive when one is immersed in  a radio play, a piece of music, a film on DVD or television and certainly not in the best of health. There seems to be an inbuilt programme which guarantees that once the lights are dimmed, a nicely chilled glass of wine is poured and, the climactic moment of the movie, symphony etc is reached, the bloody telephone will ring. If one leaves the answer machine switched on, set to the shortest possible answering time, nobody bothers to ring!


Untimely interruptions are bad enough when the call, from friends and/or family, is theoretically welcome but, chances are it’s going to be an unsolicited call from, or on behalf of, some capitalist organization insisting that they have a service to offer (NB rarely do they use the words “For Sale”) which one cannot do without in twenty-first century society. These interfering busybodies don’t seem to be deterred by ex-directory numbers, or the fact that that you have registered with a body that supposedly prevents such unsolicited calls.


Unfortunately corporations from whom one already receives / pays for services are not curbed by such restraints. When will these buggers learn that we decide what services we require and, their pestering prepares us to cut off our nose to spite our face? Why oh why don’t they come to the point straight away, to enable a speedy rebuttal.


Today, having settled down to listen to a quite involving radio play, the telephone rings and the disembodied voice asks to speak to my beloved. Having informed them that she was out at the moment, he goes on to mutter the company’s name, which I have to ask him to repeat, then goes on to say that we receive, or are subscribed to, this service and that service blah…blah…blah from them, at which point I interrupt and inform the caller that I don’t deal with these purchases / services. In that case, he asks, what will be a good time to catch Mrs Evison; I inform him that if he’s trying to sell an additional service there simply isn’t a suitable time. The voice once again repeats the services that we already receive from them, I inform the voice that I haven’t got time to listen; but “this is important”, he adds as I put down the receiver. If it’s important, why doesn’t he state upfront what he’s trying to sell or inform us about, instead of re-iterating which services we already subscribe to? If we subscribe to them, my beloved will, no doubt, already be aware of the fact.


Is it because I’m suffering with back-trouble, alongside my longer term resident ailments, that I get so irritated by these unsolicited commercial calls or, is being an irritable old git the mould into which I was cast at birth?

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