They Also Serve

My beloved wasn’t able to attend chapel this morning, as we were expecting the removal men to take away the bulky old sofa. They arrived by 10.00am as promised but, had quite a struggle to move the sofa, at a right angle, into the hallway immediately outside of the lounge; shortly after they had left the house Beth ‘phoned us to see whether they’d been here yet, as she looked forward to receiving our ousted piece of furniture.


Subsequent to the removal of ‘old floppy’, ma belle set about re-arranging the lounge, so that we could both enjoy the comfort and support of our new chairs as well as the remaining firmly comfortable settee. You may wonder where I’ve been as all this activity was going on; it’s time for admission of guilt, whilst all this activity was going on downstairs, I remained firmly ensconced in the duvet realm. Unfortunately, my recent back problems show no sign of easing in spite of frequent rubs of ibuprofen gel and the spasmodic intake of analgesic and anti-inflammatory tablets. Even when I did manage to arouse myself from the bedroom retreat, I felt like a loose-limb as Helen struggled womanfully on with the re-organizing! I’ve got to admit though, I’d have been much happier not to have a reason/excuse for not participating in the frolics. One always feels rather vulnerable when their participation is restricted to the role of observer. (I suppose I should take heart that “they also serve who only stand and wait”!)


Regardless of my inactivity, by lunchtime I was certainly ready to partake of a delicious Spanish tinged Chicken Casserole, prepared by yours truly last evening, served with beaucoup de fresh vegetables and my sensational Eurasian Spiced & Herby roast potatoes. I don’t like to boast but, I can’t help being such a great intuitive/inventive chef!



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