Getting There


On Good Friday morning, I took a leisurely walk (with my beloved) to St Mark’s Church where we spent 30-40 minutes at the beginning of ‘Three Hours at the Cross’. The atmosphere was very worshipful but, I quickly realized it was easier to remain seated than to stand for the intervallic responses and hymn singing. Much as I appreciated the choirs renditions of Mozart and Bach, and the short address by Paul, the experience of attending an act of worship, something I’ve been unable to manage for a couple of years, was a reward in itself! An ache in the small of my back, coupled with the imminent arrival of our house guest, reminded me it was time to move on.


The walk down to church took about 13 minutes at the reduced pace, recommended by my therapist, whereas it would normally have been at least 4 minutes less. I had to keep reminding myself to slow down! By the time we had returned home, it was only a matter of minutes before Graham, our guest who had travelled up from Birmingham, arrived to spend Easter weekend with us.


Sinna Luvva has recorded my attempts at ‘pacing’ over the past few days, as I’ve set myself a few essential pond maintenance tasks. Having made a little progress on that front, today has been a little more leisurely. Cathy joined us for lunch and Beth paid us a visit this afternoon to exchange Easter greetings. A hearty rendition of ‘Thine Be The Glory’ at the conclusion of Songs of Praise brought home to me the reality of it being Easter Day.


Earlier this evening, my beloved accompanied me on a SLOW thirty minute walk; the discipline is indeed rigorous.

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