A Temporary Setback


After my necessary burst of activity on Monday, (see ‘Curtain Call’ on Sinna Luvva’s blog), an all too familiar setback occurred. The somewhat paradoxical combination of exhaustion and insomnia was the pattern for Monday night’s bed rest, tossing and turning, legs hanging over the bed’s edge in the quest to find a more comfortable position, intermittent cramps in both upper and lower limbs … blah, blah, blah.


Much to my surprise, I was able to manage a shower on Tuesday morning but then, the rest of the day was one of feeling totally washed out, with concentration running at about 10% of optimum; I drifted through it in the company of sundry non-specific aches and pains.


Come Tuesday bedtime, it seemed impossible to settle down, chronic night-sweats being the least of the problem. The hours between 2 and 4am, found me getting up, feebly ambling around, lying down then getting up again in a stupefied haze, futilely retching from a surfeit of mucous and reflux acid in the throat. An accompanying awareness of aches and pains in muscles that I didn’t know existed, together with burning eyes and aching ears wasn’t at all conducive to sleep.


At some point, however, Morpheus took charge and, I was only vaguely aware of my beloved’s departure for her training course this morning. Hopefully, I’m sufficiently resilient to bounce back! The sunshine, albeit of the watery variety, helps make it feel good to be alive.



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