activity update


Monday’s activity, removing and repositioning the nest box; incidental result muscle and joint pains in the right shoulder the following day; I know the screws holding the nest box in place fought hard to resist my efforts to loosen them but, somehow, the result seems somewhat disproportionate! Still, the task was completed and, after mission accomplished I managed one of my celebrated brief brisk walks (well, ten minutes out of the fifteen were brisk before my leaden limbs started a protest movement).


Tuesday morning, after a night of alternating ‘night sweats’ and shivers, I attended my GP’s surgery at their request and, I now find that I am being referred to the CFS unit at my local hospital rather than having to travel across to Leeds. The call from the surgery came at just the right time as, on the same day, I had just received a letter from the Leeds service asking me to contact them to fix an appointment date and time.


Tuesday afternoon, my beloved chauffeuse drove me over to the Aquarium Centre to acquire some new plants and filter materials and whilst there, we also acquired a couple more White Cloud Mountain Minnows. I set about replenishing the plants and, a bit of tidying up, in our aquarium before gently introducing the new minnows to their long term resident relatives. Once more, a little exercise (albeit enjoyable) brought about a few muscular twinges and a weary aftermath.


This morning, after a somewhat sluggish start to the day, I’m regrettably listening to the ‘Jeremy Vine Show’ (BBC Radio 2). “Why regrettably?” you may well ask. Being National No Smoking Day, guess what some of the discussion has been about? The word that keeps hitting home to me is smoking as, in a kind of Pavlovian response, I venture to the stable door and reach for a packet of cigarettes. Perhaps, a ban on referring to the act of smoking would be even more effective than the current one on cigarette advertising! There you hear the true voice of the spasmodically addicted. A spasmodic addiction, now there’s a thought to conjure with!

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