Don’t Knock It

  Thought I’d give the new chat show “Davina” (BBC1) a try and, for reasons explained by Sinna Luvva, quickly got bored. So, although I’ve not really got anything to say, thought I may as well do a blog posting. As rest has been my primary activity over the past few days, there’s very little to report.


This afternoon my acupuncturist called around but, as I’m just recovering from shingles on the head, she didn’t feel it would be appropriate to place any of the needles in that area. Eventually, I enjoyed relaxing, listening to Schumann, with needles applied at elbows, hands, just above ankles and the top of my feet.


The one certain thing is that, since starting the course of acupuncture treatment, some of my miscellaneous aches and pains seem to have abated somewhat. Having completed my course of anti-viral medication my general state of health seems quite a bit better but, I’m not sure how much to put down to coincidence, rest, or even my general mood. (Some of it could be to do with the SSRI’s kicking in). Whatever the cause, I intend to bask in the glow of feeling a bit better; after the past couple of years I can no longer take the experience of feeling almost human for granted.

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