Accentuate the positive

Visited the ophthalmologist at the District Hospital this morning, to be greeted with the news that, as it was an emergency referral, I may have to wait for two to three hours. Do I start to panic or what; I keep telling myself to relax, I have certainly known less comfortable waiting areas but, what if it gets too crowded and the claustrophobia sets in? As it was possibly going to be a long wait, decided a visit to the comfort station was in order but, no sooner had I ventured in that direction than my name was called for some preparatory checks to be made. Ten minutes later I was in to see the man himself; mind you, these days they all seem like boys to me!


Good news; my eye hasn’t been infected/affected by the shingles so, I just continue with the antiviral ointments and tablets my GP had prescribed. In the end, having been “seen to”, I was departing from the hospital within half an hour of the time my doctor told me to be there.


Shortly after arriving home, the telephone rings and it’s Medical Services (agents for the DWP) once more. Their doctors having read my doctor’s notes, I’m now exempt from a medical assessment for another year; not only don’t I have to face the exquisite agony of travelling to the York medical centre, I don’t even have a domiciliary visit to look forward to!

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