Of Morpheus and Ready Meals

Had a much better night’s sleep, last night; could it be the effect of the Little Pricks or even the SSRI’s  kicking in? Alternatively, could it simply be my body saying “enough is enough”? Whatever is responsible, the only possible response is one of gratitude!


Around 7.00am I awoke, feeling quite refreshed but then, someone must have over-activated my snooze button, as a result of which I didn’t finally emerge into the land of the day people until after 11.00am. My emergence was accompanied by one of those strange sensations; whilst being fully aware that I’d been dreaming, I was unable to recall any image or event of the dream sequence but, I know that I was dreaming.


As my beloved is going out for a meal this evening, yours truly settled for a microwaveable meal at lunchtime. There once was a time that I couldn’t conceive of life without ready meals whereas, now, they seem to be a slightly pathetic excuse for a meal. Actually, in a less proud moment, I must admit to enjoying it!

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