A change of dance routine

During much of the morning, a peripatetic troupe of pins and needles seemed to be step dancing around my (facial) cheeks, occasionally paying a visit to my ears. When relief came, it seemed to be replaced by a painful stiff neck, which emanated from a point just below the ear, extending from the shoulder to a site at the back of my head roughly aligned to eyebrow level.


The dancing troupe have now moved to the lower calf muscle, where they seem to be rehearsing some kind of clog dance, simultaneously tingling and bruising.

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2 Responses to A change of dance routine

  1. The Oxcliffe Fox says:

    My Dear Old Friend,
    Do you realise that your descriptions of your various and wonderous ailments have a very strong Beckettian quality to them? Don\’t know if this is a good thing or a bad. Perversely, they make for an entertaining blog – sorry mate! I\’m quite certain they are not entertaining to endure! My sympathies and my love are with you.

  2. Unknown says:

    Wow what a wonderfully amusing way to describe such irritating symptoms. I suffer from these myself, but now instead of getting annoyed I’ll think of “them rehearsing some kind of clog dance” and will have to laugh instead, so thanks!

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