Back to the Drawing Board

Reelin’ ‘n’ Rockin’ but, not to any musical accompaniment. The past few days have found me rather punch drunk; this period of stress has really punched a hole in my self-esteem and, I finish up feeling bruised both physically and emotionally. I think that, last evening, when I was unable to handle a telephone conversation, was a real sign of my current decline, even though the evening did end on a more positive note.


So, this afternoon, my beloved drove me over for a doctor’s appointment and I’m back on an SSRI and, this time I think I really need them. For most of my current period of illness/ dis-ease I hadn’t really felt depressed but, anti-depressants were being used to tackle a primarily physical/neurological condition. Perhaps I’m just a common or garden psychosomatic wreck! I remember, so clearly, how much better I felt when I came off the medication but, at present I really feel grateful for any potential little helper.


Mean-time, I look forward to recommencing my acupuncture treatment on Tuesday.

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