Not so hidden agendas

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a Link-Worker, to assess my needs. I think that contact was made, by my GP, many months ago when I was having problems with anger management and difficulty in coping with new social environments, or any sustained period of socializing. At that time I was being treated with anti-depressants but, my emotional health only showed signs of improvement when this medication was stopped. Two psychiatrists, independently, confirmed that I was not suffering with/from depression.


Many of the problems I have in visiting different venues are more to do with “sensory overload”, intermittent physical collapses and “post-exertional malaise” rather than any psychological factors.


I have a questionnaire to fill in before the appointment and, I feel quite concerned that some of the things I cannot do/ cope with, for physical/neurological reasons, could be so easily misconstrued by answering honestly all of the questions on this psychological profile.


A course of acupuncture, temporarily interrupted owing to the indisposition of the physiotherapist/practitioner, has proved far more beneficial (in terms of relief from sundry acute muscular and joint pains) than any pharmaceutical preparation. As a gregarious (albeit moderately introverted) person, I do miss some of the socializing that I previously enjoyed and, would definitely like to return my life to the mainstream.


So, the appointment goes ahead but, how does one respond to a statement such as, “I have felt totally lacking in energy and enthusiasm”? Such a state of being is not unusual for me but, it is the ‘physical’ low energy reserves that are the problem, not an inappropriate mental attitude. Then again, another statement to which I have to respond is, “Talking to people has felt too much for me”; frequently I would like to spend more time chatting but, my stamina ain’t what it used to be. Of course there’s always the killer question, “I have achieved the things I wanted to”; within my acknowledged limitations I usually do but, in a wider spectrum …. Hell no!


I must answer, before the appointment, 34 such statements in a context of “Over the last week” by ticking one of the following ‘boxes’:  Not at all/Only occasionally/Sometimes/Often/Most or all the time.

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