If You Can’t Stand The Cold – Wrap Up In The Kitchen


Apart from a sudden drop in my body temperature, around lunchtime, today has been a pretty good day (despite my early emergence into the world of the daywear clothed). Whilst I prepared a Tuna pasta lunch, I found it necessary to don warm boots, a fleece over my jumper, a neck-scarf and a thermal hat. All this wrapping up was on a fractionally warmer day than we’ve been having of late.


These little blips in the functioning of the body thermostat always catch me unawares; I sometimes think it would be nice to be prepared in advance but, next time, I may find myself stripping off layers of clothing on a much cooler day. At least I cannot pretend that life gets boring; frustrating yes, infuriating yes, but boring … !


For a better day, I give thanks.

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