Passing the buck

  Most of the time, blogging just seems like a process of thinking aloud; an egocentric sharing of what’s important or happening to ones-self. Much as I try to be upbeat about things, reality has a nasty habit of getting in the way. It seems to be simultaneously a selfish and a sharing experience. In my Sinna Luvva guise, I’ve just been tackling the 7 Things Tag and find myself too lazy to think of seven bloggers I’d like to tag!


Despite another extended period of bed-rest, I still feel totally washed out. Unrefreshing sleep and rest seems to be the current agenda of my universe and, I find myself quite amazed that I’m even prepared to sluggishly slide my fingertips across the keyboard. Still, nothing ventured …. I automatically prepare to post … nothing gained!


If anybody bothers to read this they may even consider the open invitation to tackle the 7 Things.

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