Of fond farewells and a compliant guest

  At lunchtime today we prepared to say our fond farewells to the Christmas capon. Armed with a sharp carving knife and fork, I set about the task of slicing, and shaving-off, the residual meat from the bones. The meat itself formed the basis of one of my special curry dishes, which I prepared in advance of our guest’s arrival in the early afternoon. Helen subsequently boiled up the bones, with their stubborn remnant of cooked flesh, to provide a chicken stock which will make a delicious base for some soup.


After our afternoon lunch, we were still left with a small casserole dish of chicken curry which will be the launch platform for yet another of my culinary creations. Waste not, want not, could well be today’s motto.


Our guest (and surrogate son) Graham, who was recently transferred to the Midlands branch of his employers, will be staying with us to ‘see the New Year in’ before returning home on Monday. The break will provide an opportunity for him to visit some of his friends in Harrogate. He understands, very well, my sudden energy lapses and, is quite happy to “take us as he finds us”!  These days, I find myself quite wary of anyone who lacks this aptitude. It requires so much less effort to be a good host when the guest is reasonably compliant!

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