The Nature of the Beast

The excitement of Christmas, albeit relatively low key, seems to have taken its toll in terms of exhaustion. A late emergence into the land of the walking, standing and sitting people, followed by an extremely lazy day, still did not prevent an overwhelming fatigue conquering me in the earlier part of the evening. Perhaps it’s not even to do with the festivities; fatigue is one of those beasts that one learns to live alongside yet, it still retains an element of surprise in the swiftness of its attack … a sudden somnifacient manifestation.


It would be untrue to say that I switch from the state of being wide awake, to that of being totally knocked out, in the twinkling of an eye; to be honest, it would be nice to experience that state of being ‘wide-awake’ a little more frequently. The real transition is from a moderately alert stance to a mind-numbing fog of drowsiness. The sleepiness in itself is not the major problem, it is the all too  frequent  accompanying sense of dis-ease that strikes the real knockout blow. I am still in the process of learning when it is necessary to simply lie-down and rest, regardless of whatever modest degree of exertion may have preceded this rather ungainly call of Morpheus.

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