Christmas blessings and the profound wisdom of Sad Sam


The Spirit of Christmas Present is well and truly with us and, I hope and pray that the message of Good News to the poor and dispossessed does not get forgotten as we move towards the New Year. At this time, the realization of just how fortunate we are to have a roof over our heads and food in our belly carries with it a certain poignancy, as we remember the story of the child born in a stable being visited by those social outcasts the Shepherds.


It is almost as if a degree of guilt is an uncomfortable bedfellow with our festive celebrations. We celebrate not only the birth of the Christ child but also the privilege of love of friends and family. A number of the presents received remain unopened, not out of a lack of gratitude but quite simply to prevent unnecessary sensory overload.


A particular delight unwrapped, whilst still in bed yesterday morning, is a ‘Bed Warmer Friend: Your Huggable Heat Pack’, a bear already christened “Sad Sam”. The instructions for use are a metaphysical delight; oh the joy of omitted words!


“They are ideal for warming your bed or providing relief from everyday and pains.”


“ensure you don’t heat the bag for too want to burn your little friend or yourself!”


Once the bag is carefully remove it from the microwave, ensuring that it is not and place it back in your little friend …”  [See what I mean by metaphysical … pure ontology!].

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