Idle Chatter

Got a ‘phone call this morning, not so early as to force me out of bed with impossible haste, to say that my acupuncture session (due this afternoon) had to be cancelled. Although the cancellation was unavoidable, due to health problems of the practitioner, I still felt a sense of disappointment as, to quote Sinna Luvva, “insofar as it means that someone is attempting to do something about my condition, I look forward to it!


The gift wrapping, referred to in my previous posting, has still not commenced owing in part to my generally de-energized state of being. The spirit may be willing but ….


Helen has been out for her Christmas Lunch with her U3A German conversation group; meantime, I’ve just wiled away the hours in truly non-utilitarian fashion.


The body thermostat continues to play its tricks, permitting the whole gamut from overheated night sweats to icicle fingers with little correlation to the ambient temperature.  Perhaps it plays a predictive role of which I’ve failed to grasp the significance.

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