Forward Planning


Haven’t managed to get in one of my fabled brief brisk walks for the last couple of days; I suppose I became a bit wary when the last one left me quite knocked out, both physically and emotionally. By way of recompense (and exercise),this afternoon,  I decided to do a bit of Buddleia pruning and, even made a start on one of the small fruit trees. I was ready to head back indoors after about 40 minutes, becoming a bit achy and tired.


I’m looking forward to Professor Robert Winston’s new series, ‘The Story of God’, which starts this evening (BBC1) and, I’ll be videoing it (as well as watching) so that my beloved can view it later.


 I’ll have to release myself a little earlier from the duvet’s snug warmth, tomorrow morning, to keep a dental appointment. Ever since my last bout of dental treatment, I’ve had more problems with teeth and gums than I’d experienced for years. My kinder nature wants to treat this as an aspect of my general state of fatigued dis-ease but, I don’t have too much faith in my dentist … so, I’m struggling with this generosity of spirit! The venture into town, especially for an appointment of this nature, will be my major undertaking of the day.


Even though, a few short years ago, I worked for the Museums and Art Gallery Service close to the town centre, the relatively short trek into town (these days) requires me to grit my teeth and call upon all my reserves of stamina and courage. At least my inamorata will be serving as my chauffeuse as, she has an appointment close to the dental surgery at a similar time.

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