From disrupted snoozes to upgraded browsers

Although quite wide-awake at an early hour, (pre-6.00am), it seemed more like an ad hoc response to a disrupted night’s sleep, rather than a true sign of refreshment. My routine bouts of night-sweats, even when lying on top of all the bedding (rather than under it), seemed more prolonged than on other nights recently. Generalized discomfort in neck and shoulder muscles, and at times a "real pain in the neck", necessitated frequent attempts at re-organizing my ‘sleeping’ posture.  As I moved my legs from under the bedclothes, and again when returning them undercover, the knees had a habit of locking into a kind of spasm. Fortunately, this locking of the joints was, on each occasion, of relatively short duration!


Whilst the day was still young, decided I might feel better sat in an upright chair rather than the fidgety settling / unsettling routine to which duvet-dom seemed to direct me. After a short period sat by my PC, wrapped in a warm ankle-length dressing gown, my body started to cry out for a little more bed-rest. This time the rest, I did attain some, was somewhat disrupted by sneezing fits and the rudiments of a streaming head cold. By 11.30am, decided to apply necessary emollients, to my chest and lower limbs, before entering the clothed part of my day, and duly returned to the PC.


Decided to upgrade PC and laptops Firefox  browsers, from version 1.0.7, to the new, apparently faster and more stable, Firefox 1.5 and, this also necessitated (in my case) a fresh download / installation of the Netcraft Toolbar (version 1.1.1) as version was no longer compatible with the upgraded browser.



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