… and two steps back

The much better start to the day yesterday (as recorded by Sinna Luvva), was followed up by an afternoon in which I managed (or at least got through) a slightly extended brief brisk walk. So far, so good … but, no farther.
Sundry minor tribulations concurred in their decision to disrupt my nights sleep and, I’m still suffering in the aftermath of that attack. Throbbing eyes, gums, ears … you name it … it was throbbing; toothache, headache and sore throat colluded with assorted joint and muscle pain, to ensure that Morpheus would not fully have his way with me. So, in the wee small hours, a few painkillers and antacids were called for.
This morning, I entered the world of the clothed & awake at around 11.15am and, remain gloriously unrefreshed.
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