Shortening Daze

Brightness returned to the daylight scene today, perhaps a contributory factor to my early arising. Became intensely aware of how the days are shortening, as my beloved drove me into town around 3.15pm. The incredibly low angled sun turned the windscreen into a silver glare, blanking out the presence of other motors a few yards ahead of us. Strange thing is, it’s not the time of year you expect to need your sunglasses! Fortunately, we were soon able to turn our backs on the dazzling orb.


My beloved has been out to Pizza Hut for her traditional ½ pizza and salad, with one of her long-term friends, whilst I sat half-interestedly in front of a hot cathode ray tube. Concentration proved to be in short supply after my late afternoon’s acupuncture treatment. As I tap the keyboard,  my beloved has curled up and fallen into the arms of Morpheus; afraid she’s not at all a night person but, who am I to speak … I can fall asleep anytime (except for when I really want to!)!

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