It’ll all come out in the wash

After another belated emergence into the waking world, took a shower before ma belle amoureuse headed off to the Acorn Centre to pursue her ECDL studies. Before leaving the house, she asked if I could remove the towels from the washing machine and, hang them out, on yet another bright crisp morning.


Being the docile creature that I am, I immediately (well, after a forty minute gap) went to perform the extrication of the said towels from the machine. It was something of a surprise to discover that all the items in the machine were still partially submerged in the bottom of the drum. Obviously the machine is playing up again!  On second thoughts …. what usually happens when I go for a shower? The machines washing cycle had been switched off by my beloved, whilst I had a shower but, owing to pressures of time, it had not been switched back on again.


The major exertion, then required, was to press the switch once more and, at the appropriate time remove the articles from the machine to hang in the crisp autumn air.


Here ends the recounting of my day’s major adventure!
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