Mind Games

Following a night of much interrupted sleep, reflux once more rears it’s ugly head (alongside less specific discomforts), enjoyed a bit of a lie-in. On a bright and crisp sunshiny morning, managed a brief brisk walk around the block with my beloved … that’s all the days excitement concluded before lunchtime!
For lunch I threw together a savoury trout, peppers, mushrooms & tomato ensemble, served with jacket paotatoes (lovingly prepared by ma belle amoureuse).
 During the afternoon managed a little web-surfing but, my ability to concentrate seems to have further dissipated. Deleted quite a few unread e-mails, of the subscribed variety, thinking that was the only way for me to catch up on my browsing.
In general the energy reserves are quite low so, decided to catch up on some videos this evening. Quite enjoyed "A Beautiful Mind" but, don’t think I’d bother to watch it again. The problem experienced by the film’s protagonist as to how we validate reason & experience is a constant companion. Another incidental point made by the film and, which I totally endorse, is that so much so called scholarship lacks any originality but is merely a re-packaging of extant material.
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