We Are So Stuffed With Dreams … I Don’t Know What They’re Made Of!

In spite of a long morning’s rest, yesterday, I still managed to collapse with exhaustion mid-evening but, the ensuing hour’s sleep enabled me to appreciate the remainder of the evening. That’s my excuse, for the absence of a blog posting, out of the way.


Unfortunately, the mid-evening collapse and rest made it more difficult to get off to sleep later on. Once out though, my sleep proved very sound accompanied by amazing Technicolor dreams. The most impressive, albeit slightly perplexing, of these visual treats occurred slightly before my late morning awaking.


I was stood outside of a high street store when, the realization struck me that the window display was in fact the contents of my refrigerator. Suddenly a cat dashed past me and, somehow, entered the fridge in pursuit of a white mouse. It appeared that the store had somehow broken/punctured the rear wall of the display/my refrigerator thus permitting these animal antics.


As I entered the store, to protest the matter, I realized that water was dripping from the overcoat which lay folded across my arms. A passer-by unfolded the garment, only to find three goldfish in a net in a broken aquarium. Could it be that the same store was responsible for smashing the tank. Naturally, I headed for the watercooler at the back of the store to fill some beakers, with water, in order to provide a temporary haven for my piscine fellow travellers.


At this point an argument broke out and, I awoke!


Make of that story what you will. It certainly seemed real and, absurdly disturbing. If only my conscious imagination was as lively, I’d be able to get on with some writing once more!

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