Almost Human again

Awoke early, after some vivid naturalistic dreams but, didn’t remove myself from the duvet-womb until 11.00AM. I quite enjoyed the absurdity of some of the situations, which arose in these non-surreal type of dream scenarios, even though they touched upon some very real everyday fears.
In my waking life, even managed a brief brisk walk this afternoon, during which all component parts were present – admittedly the brisk component would have been impossible without the brevity factor. I am still in the process of mastering pacing … usually it masters me. Perhaps a corner has been turned but, I’m all too aware that there may be an open manhole just around it.
For the last couple of days I’ve not applied the NRT patches until late morning and, that way I’ve not felt the need to remove them before bedtime. I have still to be convinced that nicotine patches are right for me and, for that matter, I’m not totally convinced that I want to quit. Once more this is unfamiliar territory; when I previously quit smoking, on impulse and unaided, the question as to whether I really wanted to quit never really entered the equation!
My beloved has been putting together a shoebox full of gifts for an "hurting" child in a war-zone, so I designed a little greetings card to go in with it as my project for the afternoon. After that I began preparations for tomorrow’s dinner, a rich beef and peppers dish to be served with pasta.
I am really enjoying feeling almost human once more!
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